Condominium Cleaning

Services for Condominium Cleaning

The common areas of a building are the home's greeting card. We have a team specialized in cleaning condominiums, attentive to the smallest details and always seeking to guarantee a space of comfort, harmony and a safe space.

  • Cleaning of Condominiums (apartments)

  • Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs and Sofas

  • Local Accommodation Cleaning

  • Occasional Cleanings

Our Services

These are the main services we offer within the Condominium Cleaning category. However, if you need another type of cleaning, please contact us!

Cleaning of Condominiums (apartments)

Cleaning and maintenance of the common areas of the condominium, which can be every day or just a few days a week.

Local Accommodation Cleaning

Give your guests, tenants or clients the security, comfort and tranquility they are looking for during their stay.

Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs and Sofas

This service aims to sanitize and restore carpet, rug and sofa coverings.

Occasional Cleanings

We also provide occasional cleaning services, but there’s no need for any contractual relationship.

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